Loose Beachy Waves by adding clip in extensions by Cashmere hair


This is the perfect look for anyone who is looking for a fun, relaxed, sexy look! Always want the Victoria Secret Beachy wave, look no further bc I am going to show you the simple ways of creating super soft sexy waves :))) The best part about this technique is that your hair looks best days after doing this look! Now how great is that! So let’s get to the secret!!!!
Simply take a 1-3/4 inch barrel curling iron, then take small sections starting from the back of the head and work your way from back to front of the head. I recommend taking small sections so the hair is more defined and you will get a finer look this way! Your going to wrap the hair around the iron keeping the ends out, this will keep the “finished” look out of the picture! No one wants “finished” right? NOPE
Once you complete the whole head, spray with Oribe fine light hairspray throughout the hair! This is just a hairspray, it is a light hold spray that you will be able to move and work thru the hair 🙂 movement is key!!!! From there l, run your fingers within your hair so you appear to look soft and full of volume :))))



Not everyone is happy with what God gave them, so good thing for Hair extensions!!!!

Tape in hair extension are by far the newest & fastest way to create long length, fullness, and volume to the hair… I would recommend only using the best quality of hair that they offer, which can be order thru me if you need a stylist 😉  Tape extensions can last in your hair for several months but I recommend you only keep them in your hair about 2 months. Otherwise, too much hair starts to grow down from the application of the hairline which will allow the tiny little hairs to be pulled and tugged on :/ which we do not want! Tape hair extensions are known to be the least damaging to your own hair. I truly believe this and have seen it at first hand, I wear these in my hair right now and I absolutely love them! Believe ME, I would not continue to wear these extensions if I thought they were doing any harm to my own hair. I love having these in my hair for more fullness and to add about 4″ to my own hair!!!!!! 


A little glimpse of LOVE MEL HAIR!!!!

A little glimpse of LOVE MEL HAIR!!!!

As a welcoming first post, I would like to share where most of the creativity of my blogs are originated from!!!   I am located right in the heart of Beverly Hills where all the fun & great eye candy is seen 🙂 Feel free to click on my link http://www.fringebh.com & explore!!!